Crudite platter encourages kids to eat their vegies

Laura finds that her kids love snacking from a huge, colorful platter of cut, raw vegetables with dip (also known as crudite). Check out the enviable photo of her little boy considering the celery.

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  1. Jill says

    My husband and I came home from a family birthday party wanting a small, healthy dinner. We ended up munching on carrots and other raw veggies. The kids got jealous and wanted to join our “salad party”. Reluctantly, we let them and have allowed it a few times since also ;)

  2. mamaloo, the doula says

    Since I’m a huge dip fan, any excuse to shovel dip in my mouth is a good excuse. I’ve been trying to snack on crudite at night instead of chips and dip (which I love!). Kieran has been knows to eat a carrot, broccoli and green pepper with me on occasion. Here’s hoping the habit sticks for both of us!

  3. rotangus says

    My kids despise most veggies, but consider still-frozen green beans and carrots or broccoli florets to be a fantastic special treat. Which brings up the unlikely spectre of awarding vegetable snacks as rewards for small chores, like picking up toys without being nagged. Somehow it seems so… unfair.

  4. mamaloo says

    I just had to add:

    When I was reading Rotangus’ comment the last couple lines read like this: “…rewards for small chores, like picking YOUR TOES without being nagged…”