Create an art gallery in your garage

If digitizing your kid's artwork is too much trouble, how about creating an indoor art gallery? Sara found one in an unlikely place:

Out running in my neighborhood, I nosily noticed a neighbor's garage open with the lights on.  When I glanced in, I saw that the entire back wall was covered with a child's artwork, and big letters spelled out what I assume is the artist's name — "Caleb."  I thought this was a great idea — after all, how many pieces of art can a refrigerator hold?  I can imagine kids getting a big kick out of having their own art gallery, and taking vistitors out to see it.

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  1. Gabe says

    Heres an idea. Lets take the gallery one step further. Have your kid have a Gallery Opening. (S)he can learn about promotion by posting flyers and individule invitations to VIPs (Grandma?) (S)he can learn about purging thier art collection and the value of a dollar by selling or auctioning thier art. Could be a great lesson in Suply and Demand Economics aswell. Kids could also learn a bit of etiqute as they make sure that hourdurves are served and as they are the featured artist/host. Teach cooperation and community building by making it a group show between your kid and thier best friends. I dont even want to get into the educational possibilities of doing istallation pieces for thier show. If only there were a way to work spelling into this idea, because I think that I could use that.

  2. Gabe says

    I forgot to mention the most obvious gain to this idea… increased self-esteem for your famous little artist.

  3. andrea from the fishbowl says

    What a great idea! We have some Ikean magnet boards installed to accommodate the overflow art, but this beats it, hands down!