08 September 2006

Chilly diapers soothe sore bums

Sarah's memory of postpartum recovery led to this brainstorm:

My toddler had a diaper rash and would not put a diaper on for anything.  We tried putting him in the bathtub, smeared him with every cream known to man, and even tried giving him some Motrin to get him to put a diaper on.  He was still insistent that "it hurts."

For some reason, I had a flashback to when I gave birth and was in the hospital.  They would give me ice packs that were really disposable diapers filled with ice cubes, and they were wonderful. I stuck his Pampers into the freezer, left them in there for 15 minutes and when I took them out, he let me put them on!  "Ohhhhhhh cooool", he said, instead of "it hurts."

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We found that using olive oil and cotton wool was fantastic for cleaning a nappy-rashed bum. Didn't sting like baby wipes seemed to, and was more effective than water+cotton wool.

Does a great job of cleaning up and is cheap too.

For some reason this made me think of the Seinfeld episode where George runs around screaming "There was shrinkage!"

Most natural oils will help clear nappy rash. The problem with ALL commercial creams that are supposed to clear it is that they are a moisture barrier. They also stop that area of the skin breathing, so the rash heats up and becomes irritated. We use either a natural moisturiser made by an aromatherapist (Ok, we are hippies...) or Pawpaw cream. They both do an awesome job. Raiden (6 months) doesn't often get nappy rash as we mostly use cloth nappies and they allow a lot more airflow than a disposable. You also tend to change cloth a lot more often as you can tell straight away when it is wet. There are times though when a disposable is just so damn convenient! Like when it has been raining for days and nothing will dry. (No dryer) When this happens nappy rash does start, but a day in cloth, and pawapaw cream, clears it up very quickly.

Sorry, should have clarified...
Moisture barrier is a problem because it traps moisture IN as well as blocking it out.

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