Captain Bogg and Salty: a live show report

It's been a busy weekend in the Dornfest abode. We've hit a patch of Indian summer, so there was much frolicking to be done. Part of our weekend was spent at the Portland Pirate Festival (this is, after all, the home of Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket, the inventors of Talk Like a Pirate Day). Overpriced as the festival was, we got to hear real cannon fire, we got to appreciate the architectural beauty of the St. John's Bridge, and, best of all, we saw our first live Captain Bogg and Salty performance.

It's one thing to listen to their CDs, and another thing altogether to see the show. These guys rock! The audience was packed with kids of all ages, of course. What surprised me, though, was the number of adults — non-parents — dressed in full pirate regalia, who knew every word. Pirate groupies. Boggheads. What else can you call them?

My daughter and I had so much fun I considered grabbing her in my arms and rushing the stage. We jumped, my danced, we held up our hooked fingers, we yelled "Yarrrr!" I tell you, it was thrilling. Good quality music and lyrics performed by passionate musicians who care about what they're doing. Intelligent comedy kids and adults can appreciate. A bit of pirate history thrown in. What a pleasure.

Keep an eye on Captain Bogg and Salty's performance schedule — they're headed to New York and New Jersey in early October. Catch them if you can.

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  1. IHF says

    Yay for Captain Bogg and Salty! Folks who are so inclined can find them on iTunes, with Scurvy and Nellie the Elephant being the recommended tracks from the Hausfrau-Household. My daughter can’t stop herself from dancing when we play their music, and she loved the live shows they played in Seattle this Summer!

  2. Mom101 says

    I swear I just learned about Talk Like a Pirate Day and blogged about it a few days ago! I’m all over this pirate stuff, so thanks. ARGH, scurvy dog.