Better toddler potty seats

AJ at Thingamababy has just reviewed toilet seats with smaller-toddler versions integrated into the lid. The timing couldn't be more perfect for us — I just watched my petite three year-old scoot herself onto the big potty and almost fall in, which sounds like a classic recipe for Freudian trauma.

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  1. No Nym says

    Make sure to leave the training seat on overnight. It’s easier for you to remember to move it out of the way than for them to remember to put it back on. Trust me.

  2. Sara says

    Although you have to remove it for adult use, I really like the Baby Bjorn toilet seat. It adjusted to our oblong bowl just fine and my daughter can easily remove it and hang it on a low hook. It doesn’t look obnoxious, either. It’s easy to clean, too; between soap and water cleanings, I use hand sanitizer and a tissue.