07 August 2006

What's in your diaper bag?

AJ at Thingamababy revealed the contents of his diaper bag (you so want to click!), and it got me thinking we could get a little meme going on the topic. That's right. A MEME. The obnoxious blog-equivalent of a chain letter but without the peer pressure. Either post on your own blog and leave a trackback here, or answer in the comments.

The contents of my diaper bag have changed considerably between my first and second child. My son required lots of clothing- and diaper-changing while on the road (I'll spare you the gory details), and I lugged a massive backpack everywhere I went. My daughter, on the other hand, barely gets crumbs on her shirt, so I carry the bare minimum in my purse, which is:

  • 2 diapers
  • 1 travel pack of wipes
  • 1 plastic garbage bag
  • 1 bottle of Pediasure
  • A sippy cup
  • A fruit leather, a granola bar, or some other portable snack

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wow you travel light! Here's mine

2-3 diapers
changing pad
travel pack of wipes
clorox portable wipes (for shopping carts and highchairs)
scented diaper disposal bags
3-4 crayons
2 tiny play-doh containers
2 books
sippy cup
box of raisens
baggie of cheerios
1 small gerber 4oz juice

I think that's about it, I'm sure though if I went and looked there would be more. I know it's a lot but I try to have everything so that wherever we go I don't have to pack anything extra.

with a 2 year old I carry

2 changes of clothes, 5 diapers, two sippeys of water and a box of wipes.

I too have lightened my load now that I have two in tow. The specific items are similar, but my comment is really about the bag. I have been on a quest for the perfect diaper bag for over 3 years now, and I think I've finally found what works for me. I keep a fully-stocked emergency bag in the van just so I know I've got something to fall back on, but for being out and about, I use this:
(they didn't have these colors when I got mine, unfortunately)
It doesn't look like much, but it holds a surprising amount without getting bulky or unmanageable, and so far I haven't been disappointed.

Two kids, ages 2 and 5. My purse has a zipper pocket that holds one diaper and one ziplock with a few wet wipes. That's all. The rest of the bag is MINE.

Very different for a 2-year-old than a newborn! Here's the 2 version:

2 diapers
sippy cup
crackers in a glad box
dried fruit in a glad box
teeny first aid kit (band-aids, peroxide gel)

Newborn? Mine was a pooper too--jeez, what don't you need?

3-5 dipes
complete spare outfit
small ziplocs for diapers
large ziploc for inevitably soiled outfit
burp cloth
sun hat
warm hat
extra blanket for nursing coverup or warmth
swaddling wrap in case baby loses it
mom's emergency luna bar
carseat "locking clip" (in case you need to ride in a taxi or with a friend)
shout wipes

Glad to be traveling lighter now!

I must have jumped right to the Child #2 stage, that or my daughter is not so messy. I don't carry a diaper bag but when we go out I throw in my Vera tote:
2 diapers
Travel pack wipes
infant advil (its molar time)
toddler cereal bar or bagged snack
Sippy cup with water or juice

My husband (a full time dad) has a bag on the Kelty pack and his has:
an extra outfit
in addition to what I would carry.

We have the One Step Ahead Backpack: http://www.onestepahead.com/product/117/354766/117.html that works great for our 2 yr old boy. We probably check it to replace/refill at the end of the month.
2-3 diapers
Wet Wipes in the pouch that rarely dry out and when they do, we just wet them before use.
3 brown paper bags for either diaper disposal or for storing food.
1 Ziploc just in case
1 small tube of Vaselin - works great on everything including scrapes
1 or 2 Caprisun
1 pack of Cheez-its
1 Minute Maid Fruit Snacks pack
1 extra pair of shorts
1 medium sized mesh bag with little toys, crayons and 3-4 books that we can either read or even let the kid "decorate"
1 sippy cup
Tylenol for Cold and Fever
1 book for me (usually Reader's Digest)
Extra cash
2 pens
1 Sippy Cup (helps with housing the Caprisun pouch too) or 1 sport bottle
1 packet of Soy Milk that needs no refrigeration.
Small bottle of Hand Sanitizer

Most times, we can even carry a laptop in the bag - with the extra padding that this bag has, we have never had to worry. Sometimes I even drop in a shirt for the kid myself, if I think I'll need it.

We have a 21-month old son, and our daily diaper bag is a little ergo. single strap back-pack that I picked up at Target (in black so that my husband wouldn't object to toting it). The current contents are:

3-5 diapers
travel case of wipes
change of clothes (soft enough to be used as emergency p.j.'s)
receiving blanket for changing pad
key-chain sized sunscreen
party sized bubbles
granola bar
pocket sized hand sanitizer
chapstick (for me)
6 oz. bottle of water
diaper disposal bags
gallon Ziplock bag

It seems like a lot, but it doesn't even fill up the little ergo-backpack. We bought one of the big diaper bags before my son was born, but learned very quickly that it was too much of a hassle. Now we use that for over-night stays at Grandma's house.

Wow you guys carry way too much. My first I walked around w/ a diaper bag filled w/ EVERYTHING under the sun. My kids are 18 months apart and by the time I had my youngest I said screw that. I can't very well carry the two of them and a bag filled w/ my house. So now I only carry my purse, of which is not too big. I have my wallet, lipstick, keys, a diaper, babywipes (trial size pack), first aid kit (trial size) and sunscreen (trial size) My boys are enough added weight to be 115 frame as it is, a huge diaper bag was making it worse.

Wipes and diapers, bottle, sunscreen, bag full o' cheerios.

That's it.

13 mo.

I have the Land's End diaper backback and think it is the most brilliant thing ever. I can stuff it to the seams and it's still easy to carry.

For a normal outing (2-4 hours) with two girls under the age of three:
2 diapers
1 pull-up
spare outfit
spare pants and undies
sippy cup of water (they share the cup)
2-3 snacks
hand sanitizer
ziploc of paper, stickers, crayons
3-4 small toys/books
my stuff: wallet, lipgloss, etc

I have an AVENT shoulder bag which fits nicely over the back of the pushchair. On a normal day outing I have:

Four or five nappies (diapers)
Pack of wipes
Pack of nappy (diaper) sacks
Changing mat
Spare vest (onesie)
Clean bottle
Carton of ready-made milk
Sun cream
Baby hairbrush
Pot of baby food
Pack of rusks/baby biscuits
Spare shorts
Spare t-shirt
Baby sandals
Nail clippers
Two or three toys
Drawstring bag for dirty clothing

Usually I carry my own belongings in my handbag - this is my way of clinging to the individual person I used to be, I think, because there's more than enough room for my stuff in the changing bag!

My boy's 11 months by the way!

I travel as light as possible....
3 Diapers
Travel pack of wipes
Clorox wipes
A clean shirt
Sippy cup juice/water
Ziplock with bunny crackers

8 month old

Ah, I posted my link on my blog, but my trackbacks don't appear to be working....


I don't carry a diaper bag unless we're going to be away from the house or car for several hours, and then I just carry:
two dipes
a small ziploc with wipes
a one-piece outfit
a ziploc with cheerios
one set of boobs

Let's see...
4 disposable diapers
small box of wipes
3 cloth dolls
30+ linking rings
2 outfits
guava juice
bottle, nipple & rings for juice
book I'm reading
3 jars baby food
3 baby spoons
blanket for nursing
Tylenol (teething)
sunglasses for the baby
a few random toys

When you folks get above 7 or 8 items, do you write a boarding list to verify every item is with you before departure?

AJ: That sounds a little beyond my organizational capacity, but it's a good idea.

I have one thing and one thing only. A diaper. It gets me by. I never am far enough way from civilization that I couldn't buy it if I needed it.

ROTFL, AJ, I forget things all the time and just deal with it. As long as I have diapers, everything else isn't critical. I'm not organized enough to have a list.

Two things we learned the hard way -
1. We always carry a digital thermometer and Baby Tylenol. Finding either (especially a thermometer) in the middle of the night at grandma's/hotel/wherever is a pain.

2. We bought a pack of LED Changing Color nightlights at Costco and keep one in our diaper bag. We set all of ours at home to blue, and when we travel, we put one (set to blue, of course) near the kids. It's amazing how this little bit of "home" is instantly soothing.

You should ALWAYS have


Suction device

Syringe (comes with Baby Motrin)to squirt the Benadryl into the child's mouth.

In case of an allergic reaction, (bee sting, ant bite, food allergy) you will only have seconds to respond! Buy some today ;-)


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