Video iPod serves up family pictures on TV

Tami found out that her video iPod + TV = custom programming that's perfect for her kid:

Recently I felt like we were watching too much T.V. during the day and I was just kid-showed-out. I tried going cold turkey only to be driven crazy by my two-year-old constantly handing me the remote control saying "T.V., Dumbo. T.V., Dumbo". My husband is a teacher and is always looking for ways to bring various new technologies into the classroom. While experimenting with using our Video iPod to display images on our television (for presentations and the like) we discovered that our kids LOVE to look at family pictures on the T.V. and I can usually listen to whatever music I want as background music. Family pictures and music I like beats the best kid show any day!

Hack in a hack:
Getting the Video out of Your New iPod–for Cheap!


  1. Charisse says

    Yep, we do this withour Mac Mini connected to the TV–we can run a whole slideshow of the family album from iPhoto, or little videos too. Our 2 prefers it even to Wallace and Gromit.

  2. Michelle says

    I think this is available in Tivo too, although I haven’t used it. I should look into that.

  3. Katie says

    We do something like this with our computer. The screen saver just shows random pictures from all of our saved on the hard drive. My son loves to watch it.