Take pictures of a favorite toy while travelling

Kirsten has a great suggestion for making vacation photos more interesting for kids:

Send one of your kids' small toys with people you know who are travelling. Kinda like the 'flat stanley' idea.  The travelers take pictures of the toy on their trip (with landmarks and other interesting backgrounds) – which makes the pictures more personal for your kids.  We have a cat (Meemo) who has been all over the world in the last 3 years – I just blogged about it – with more info, tips, and pictures.

My cousins did something similar on a recent trip. Their children took pictures all over with "Flat Montana" (Montana is their beloved cousin who was still at home), and then Montana's mom had all the photos printed in a Shutterfly photo book. The result was gorgeous.

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  1. Roger Weeks says

    Speaking of photo books, this would be a good “talk amongst yourselves” post. Who has printed these books? What are the best vendors? Do ANY of these vendors offer photo books with titles printed on the spine?

  2. Heather says

    I just tried Heritage Makers. I will receive the printed book next week. The program was easy to use, but it crashed a lot when uploading pictures, and when I was working in the pages. I also thought they needed more page templates. It worked well for my family, because my sisters and I all live in different states and were able to log on, and work on a book for our parents. Also, they print the title on the spine.

  3. Jarett says

    You could turn smaller toys into “Travel Bugs” used in geocaching. You get a trackable travel bug dogtag, attach it to the toy, and drop it off in a local geocache. People bring travel bugs all over to other caches or destinations, and take pictures with it.