Plastic garbage bags for low-stress beach packing

Laura passed along a hack posted by author and mama Katie Allison Granju on her blog — she forgoes luggage on yearly beach trips and opts instead for plastic garbage bags. Another good packing hack turned up in the comments: "We pack for the beach in laundry baskets…"



  1. Kate says

    My parents always packed our clothes and bedding/towels for camping (we camped in a pop-up trailer) in laundry baskets. Made it easy for those mid-week laundry trips at the campground.

  2. Natalie says

    We pack up our daughters (now ages 3 and 2 mos) when they go to stay with their grandparents for a few days in large plastic storage bins or laundry baskets. My parents think the bins are great…no digging through a dark bag trying to find the diapers or wipes. Everything is easily accessible and easy to see–from clothing to toys to food.

  3. Karina says

    Collapsible crates are great for this too, and I also keep a few plastic bags where I sort soiled clothes (colored, whites, towels, etc.). Clothes get sorted, that way I can take them straight to the washing machine when I get back home, and it’s easier to repack as you either just throw bags into crates or into whatever bags you pack your stuff in.