Personalized rubber bracelets as wearable identification

Personalized braceletsMayberry Mom suggests a stylish alternative to masking tape identification:

Yesterday my daughter's preschool class went on a field trip. They were getting ready to go just as I dropped her off, so I noticed this hack that they use: Before they leave the school, each child slips on a rubber bracelet (of the ubiquitous color-for-a-cause variety) bearing the name and number of the school. It's subtle enough not to attract the interest of strangers, but would serve the purpose should a child become separated from the group. And of course, the kids wear them without a peep of complaint.

The hack for parents: Order a batch with your family name and phone number and use for trips to the zoo, amusement parks, airports, etc. I found a vendor on eBay with no minimum order (although it's unclear how much they cost).

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  1. Erin Ross says

    Brilliant, I say! Although wondering if you should just skip the family name (any name for that matter) altogether and just put ‘If found, please call’ or something of the like. And possibly a cell phone number rather than the home phone number, so if you are still AT the event/place, you can get your kid back faster.

    Found this company that looks to be a reputable company (and they ship to Canada – yay for selfish reason!): (Minimum order of 20)

  2. Phil Culmer says

    Good idea!

    Me and my son wear army surplus dogtags with our medical numbers (and social security number in my case), and emergency contact numbers. He loves his “special necklace”, and it really suits him, too.

  3. Katie says

    I have done something similar with beads from the craft store. I purchased beads with letters and numbers and strung “call mommy” and my cell phone on nylon bead cord (with some stretch). I carry it in my purse and when we are out in large crowds I put it on my almost 4 years old. She likes it because it has pretty colors.
    I also use safe shoe labels which have our cell numbers and her doctor.

  4. jennfactor says

    When we go to crazy places like amusement parks and fairs, we just use a sharpie and write on the kids’ stomachs “My mom’s cell # is….” The kids are all drilled on what to do if they get lost, and we have photos of them at disneyland and everywhere else, flashing their bellies with the emergency plan.

  5. Rob O'Daniel says

    By sheer coincidence, my wife & I ordered a couple of these for birthday gifts just a couple of nights ago… But we ordered from a different eBay vendor whose bands are $3.95 and can include little icons or simple pictures as well. This fellow’s ad isn;t as flashy but does seem to feature just as good a variety of colors, styles, & sizes…


  6. introspectre says

    I’m afraid a stranger could read it and know how to stalk the child. (It’s a reasonable fear, I’ve been stalked numerous times.)

    Can they be worn turned around so they aren’t readable?

    The Sharpie idea is BRILLIANT! I think it deserves it’s own post! If the child is knocked unconcious or whatnot, it’s easy to find once a medic starts to examine them.

    This site is so wonderful. I’m thrilled to have found you!

  7. Parent Hacks Editor says

    introspectre: so glad you found us! You’re right about the Sharpie. (Thanks, Jennfactor!) Comment promotion forthcoming…

  8. Cynthia Samuels says

    When our kids were little we travelled a lot – often in countries that spoke other languages. I used to carry paper luggage tags like those airlines give you if you don’t have a tag on the bag and write the name of the child and the name and number of the hotel My husband speaks several languages so we put a sentence on the back but that’s not necessary. I put them through the label tag in the back collar of their tee shirts. It worked very well – also good for big events like concerts in Central Park!

  9. momma2mingbu says

    My kids have always worn hip packs with our address and phone and the address and phone of our hotel when we go out of state.

    I shared this hack with my kids teachers and they may order some for our school!

  10. jcapple says

    These,, are small, but very stretchy. It fits on my daughter’s wrist without stretching or falling off and on my wrist with some stretch, but still comfy. You can have just about any custom information placed on them. They are also reasonably priced. We got some for her bottles at daycare, but they could be used for identification very easily.

  11. Kim says

    I just bought 2 of them through reminderband, they didn’t have a minimum order required. What a great idea, now hopefully my toddler will keep it on!

  12. Rubber Wristbands says

    As a believer and admirer of rubber wristbands I think this entire movement is an awesome idea!