New airline security rules affect traveling with children

The latest on flight security and family travel: you can bring breastmilk, formula, and baby food on board flights, you will not be asked to taste them in front of airport security screeners. Gel-filled teethers are also OK, however most other liquids, gels or lotions in carry-on baggage will get nabbed. (I lost my diaper cream on the trip home.)

For more info, visit the Transportation Security Administration website. [Thanks, Dana, for the link.]

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  1. Alec Flett says

    We travelled from NY to CA days after the restrictions went into effect. Here are the two tips we discovered accidentally:

    1) When we showed them our two full advent bottles of milk, they asked “Is this milk for formula” – I quickly said “Formula!” Judging from the response, if I had said milk, they wouldn’t have let us bring it on. So just a tip for those of you who have outgrown formula and/or have weaned, but need to carry your whole milk.

    2) Supposedly anything under 4oz is ok… this includes daiper cream. We managed to get both diaper cream (a 4oz tube) and baby Tylenol (a 2oz bottle) on without much incident.

  2. Gillian says

    If your child only drinks water, be sure to ask the flight attendant to fill up your cup as soon as you board. When we flew last week, my daughter started asking for water soon after takeoff. She was getting quite insistent by the time the seatbelt sign was turned off.

  3. marjorie says

    does this mean we can’t bring a full 9 oz avent bottle? only half-full, or only the 4 oz bottle?

  4. bunnyCO says

    At DIA last Thursday, we had mixed results. The open bottle of liquid Tylenol passed through just fine – The man at the security checkpoint waved it through.
    OTOH, the closed/factory sealed guava juice for the baby (also in the diaper bag) was taken away.
    I consider it baby food, they did not.
    Otherwise, it was smooth sailing. I was surprised at how quickly the lines moved.