My interview with Lisa Birnbach

Whew – it's 6:30 AM my time, and I just finished my first live interview on the Lisa Birnbach show. For those of you who missed it, or were unwilling to get up this early (Mom!), Greenstone Media will post a recording on their site later today or tomorrow. Hopefully it wasn't too obvious that I had woken up minutes before, because, of course, last night was the night (I mean morning, ugh) my daughter was up and in need of comfort at 4:30am.

It was a lot of fun talking with Lisa. She mentioned several recent hacks, including Stu's reading the newspaper out loud, Emily's terra cotta planters, Mayberry Mom's rubber ID bracelets, and Jennfactor's Sharpie to the tummy. She even had a great hack of her own, which I'll share later today.

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