20 August 2006

Mommytrack'd: a new resource for working moms

A new site, Mommytrack'd, offers info, entertainment and connection for working moms. Plenty to enjoy, but I especially appreciated the Anti-Princess Reading List. I have nothing against princesses, per se, but it's nice to find a collection of books highlighting other role models.

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I LOVE MommyTrackd.com!!! Such fun, hip visuals, easy to navigate, and really great content. Forward it to all your working mommy friends....

Thanks for the heads up on MommyTrackd.com. I'm off to explore more.

If you're like me, and part of you will always love princesses, but you hate how brainless most of them are, try The Enchanted Forest Chronicles. Princess Cimerone isn't your typical princess and she'll leave your kids laughing out loud!


Oh, don't get me wrong. I like princesses well enough. I just think they get a little too much airtime. Still, your post makes me think we need to stage a Talk Amongst Yourselves about our favorite bad-ass princesses, the ones we admire and wouldn't mind if our kids emulated. Comment promotion forthcoming...

Another book that fits in there: Tatterhood and Other Tales by Ethel Johnston Phelps and Pamela Baldwin Ford

I loved that book even as a pre-teen. There's a followup one, too, can't recall the name. Tales from all over the world featuring strong, clever, creative, cool girls, inclusing a few princesses. Some of the endings were edited to leave off the 'if you be a good girl you get to marry a prince' type endings, but they did a good job of leaving it up to the reader's imagination in most of them.

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