Make your own water playset

Leanne of Momcast is doing her best to deal with the heat. Check out the simple water play set she put together for her 3 year-old son.

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  1. Natasha says

    I really like your idea. In our home, we have laminate flooring and a small kitchen. So, we use the kitchen sink and pull up a chair to it. I have a rubber boot mat under the chair that ensures it won’t slip if significant water gets on the floor. I’ve used this activity while I cook. It keeps my three year old happy without supper prep being a traumatic event for the both of us. :-)

  2. Leigh says

    We also use the kitchen sink as a play station. My son (2) has a step stool he pulls up to the sink, and takes his toys “swimming.”

    I’ve also filled the sink partway with water and given him a wooden spoon to use to catch small foam numbers and letters, in addition to cups and other things to pour water from and metal bowls set in the sink to pour it into.

    He likes to “wash” things with a dish brush, too, so I give him plastic plates and cups to wash.

    A small dribble of water from the faucet can be a nice change for him, as well as adding soap to the water for bubbles.

    This all keeps him safe and fascinated, within eyesight and away from the stove during dinner preparation. Messy, yes, but worth it!