KidSmart Vocal Smoke Alarms on sale — 1 day only

/ is selling two KidSmart Vocal Smoke Alarms for $14.99 + $5 shipping. If you aren't familiar with woot, they sell one item per day with limited supplies of that item. I thought other parenthackers might want to know. They have until midnight 8/29/06 central time to buy or until supplies run out.

[Thanks, Ashley!]

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  1. Scott Severtson says

    Bought a set last night from Woot, but didn’t submit to Parent Hacks… “Asha’s probably asleep, and they’ll likely be sold out by morning.” Wrong on both counts!

  2. Parent Hacks Editor says

    I just bought a set via PayPal, and it’s 7:30am PST. Great tip — I didn’t know about W00T!

  3. oddharmonic says

    We bought just a set (11:30 AM CST) to use until their hard-wired model comes out later this year.