Store homework in a bin on top of the fridge

Amazon: Sterilite 6-quart bin On Blogging Baby the other day, Jenifer Scharpen suggested (or rather, was suggested to by her daughter's kindergarten teacher) that all homework papers and supplies be kept in a lidded plastic bin on top of the refrigerator. That way, when it came homework time, everything would be in one place, ready to go.

Seems like a good approach, adaptable to any large-enough container and fixed location in the house. We're entering the homework years ourselves, with my son about to start first grade, and I like the idea of giving him a physical "inbox" so he can begin to organize himself.

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  1. Andrea says

    We used large dishpans, and I also used packing tape to stick on a label (designed by them) to the outside of the bin. I got large white rectangular ones that fit in the sink from the Dollar Store. The dishban was also big enough so that book can be stored sideways in them instead of stacked, making them easy to flip through.

    Works for homeschoolers too. ;) The only trouble I found was finding a large flat surface to leave them on. On top of the fridge is too high for the kids to reach (and thus put away their own things) and it’s pretty crowded up there already. By the door would be a great spot, on a shelf or low cabinet. As kids come in they can empty their bookbags into the bin, taking lunch containers to the kitchen.

    Make it a habit, and then being organized becomes second nature.

  2. Stu Mark says

    A) Fantastic idea! We use bins from Office Depot, but they aren’t covered. I love the idea of covered.

    B) I am a big proponent of the idea of assigning things a home. I try my best to teach the kids that if they assign something a home, there is way less a chance that they will lose it.