Gmail as recipe organizer

Gmail to the rescue again! This time, as Ashley's recipe organizer:

I use the Internet to find almost all of my recipes [Fridge Googling! — Ed.] . Now, I email myself the recipes to my Gmail account and I have a quick easy way to organize them. I apply a 'Recipes' label to them to keep them from cluttering the Inbox and then I can use Google's handy Search Mail feature to find the recipe I need. The sponsored links section has even shown me some other nice sites to find recipes. Sharing recipes has never been easier too!

Other Gmail uses: as a baby book, as a collector of stories and correspondence for kids.


  1. katre says

    When you email them to yourself, send them to Then, you can add a filter in gmail to take anything that arrives to yourname+recipes and apply the recipe filter, and auto-archive it. This way, you don’t even have to look at it til you want to.

    Gmail lets you put pretty much anything after the + after your username, and it’ll still deliver it.

  2. tania says

    I just asked my DH(techie) about Gmail and he informed me that you now have to be invited to sign up for a gmail account by another user. evidently it got too big too fast for google. Any more info on that?
    i am always looking for recipes online and this sounded like a fantastic idea.
    LOVE your site BTW!!!

  3. leron says

    You do not have to be invited to gmail, you just have to use a cell phone to receive a text message. Something too big for Google?! Not for a while!!!

  4. Christian Pearce says

    That is certainly neat, I mark my todo’s that way. But for the recipes I just print them out and put them in a three ring binder.

    That way I have something to look at while I am cooking.

  5. Daniel Nicolas says

    Gmail has always been “invite only” up until recently when they added the way for you to get an invite through your cell phone.

    That was part of gMail’s hype – that you had to get an invite to use the super awesomeness.

    — but yes. This is an awesome idea

  6. Peter says

    If you are a mac user, you can use your gMail space as online storage without emailing it around – there is a program for macs called gDisk that lets you “mount” your gMail gigs as a drive. You can just drag and drop into your recipies folder. You can still access these files from the web, too.

    Not sure if anything like this is available for the PC yet, but gDisk has been around for a while so it wouldn’t suprise me.

  7. Vincent says

    Download all your favorite cookbooks and store them in a folder.
    Use google desktop to index only that folder.
    Next time you just enter your fridge contents in google desktop and Bob’s your uncle…

  8. Chris says

    Just watch out with the thing. Depending on how the website you are email from handles it the ‘+’ may get screwed up and your email will not arrive. This is because the ‘+’ sign in html is used to represent a ‘ ‘ space so depending on how the site handles your email may not arrive.

  9. John says

    Wow this is neat. I’m going to take all the recipes in my recipe box and forward them to gmail, having set up a filter to autoarchive them. It also got me looking at autoarchiving, which I don’t think was possible back when I set up a filter a long time ago to centrally keep track of mail I send from another account which I use on multiple machines via Thunderbird. Thanks!

  10. Tan says

    I have about 96 gmail invites to send. They keep giving me more, everytime Iused it up.
    If you would like a gmail account, just let me know–post your email, and I’ll send you the invite.

  11. Markymark says

    Hi, im Mark and I guess im introducing myself!!

    Icame across this site using ‘stumble’ (Firefox) and thought all the ideas floating raounjd here sedem really interesting! (Although I don’t seem to agree with everything lol)

    Well, thats me :)!

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