Get an extra TripTik for the kids

Joel had a great suggestion for a little road trip geography:

An extra AAA TripTik for the back seat can stave off some bordeom and "Are we there yet?" questions. If you have time and your kids are old enough it's fun to have them pencil in a destination on each page of the TripTik. This creates moments of anticipation along the drive and a guarantee of regular rest stops with a sight  or two along the way.

Keeping a crayon handy to cross off places already passed is also a way for your child to see how much you've made.

If you're not familiar with TripTiks, they are customized roadmaps the folks at AAA will put together for members. For free. Wonderful resource — my parents used them on a few of my childhood road trips. Be sure to order your TripTik a week or two in advance of your departure date — I imagine summer is a busy time at AAA.

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  1. dave says

    Discovered this without AAA membership years ago when my daughter picked up a map at an interstate welcome center, then marked off each exit as we passed it. Kept them busy for hours.

  2. Aaron says

    I just print a map from Google, with the origin and destination already marked, and then mark the way for the kids with a magic marker. aside from what’s already mentioned, it also helps to give them a sense of how far it is until we’re there.