Funniest Parent Hackfire: We have a winner!

Dang, you people are funny, and your children are smart. I'd like to thank Dennis, Amy, Nicole, Hedra, Anne, Gail, Caley, Charisse, Lisa, Julie, oddharmonic, and Marla for writing up their Parent Hackfires. (Be sure to read Cathy's, too, which snuck in a bit later. Too funny!) We've all been there, and I admire your honesty and chutzpah for sharing. Thanks, too, Laid-Off Dad, for inspiring this contest in the first place.

After plenty of back and forth (believe me, it was hard to choose), I chose the winner based on pure olfactory description. The winner is…Anne Nahm! Your description of the Diaper Genie debacle was so funny that it may have caused at least one Parent Hacks reader to wet herself. Anne, email me ( with your mailing address and I'll get your prize out to you right away. Congratulations!


  1. Sara in Austin says

    I totally agree!

    Does it surprise anyone else that ParentHackers are into potty humor? There’s just something about bodily fluids that become so much more commonplace, much more of “everyman’s” experience (and therefore more funny), once you have a child.

  2. Jill says

    I laughed till I wet my pants at the diaper genie story too. Just after the deadline I got my own hackfire.

    Everyone says to let your toddler go diaper-less to start potty training. So, right after the morning’s messy diaper, I left my 2 1/2 yo “butt nekkid”. Apparently he wasn’t done. Less than ten minutes later I was scrubbing blueberry stained poop off a white rug. What was I thinking?! After eating blueberries? On a rug? On a white rug? His first try? I know I deserve this hackfire; he isn’t even my first kid.

  3. Mom101 says

    Having just read her comment, I concur! Disgusting story, hilariously told. She deserves more than a book – get the woman a new Diaper Genie or something!