Family room “dance party” lets you exercise with your kids

Karen Rani, author of the lovely Troll Baby, has a great tip for family fitness:

I find that exercise equipment can be dangerous around a curious toddler, and walking with the stroller every day is good, but gets old fast.  I spice it up with an after-school dance party in the family room by moving the coffee table and putting on our favorite music.  My toddler and 7 year-old love to let loose after school and naptime and with me joining in, I'm losing weight and having a blast with my kids.  Also?  It's free!

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  1. CincyDaddy says

    Along similar lines for older kids (and parents), Dance, Dance Revolution is a fun game that is a real workout! I bought it for my xbox, and it makes exercising a lot more fun.

    You just have to work through the “I look like an idiot doing this” phase.