Even babies can hand-paint terra cotta planters as gifts

Here's Emily's great idea for a teacher gift, or possibly, for Grandparents' Day (Hallmark holiday that it is, but grandparents deserve every bit of appreciation they can get):

A few months ago we decided to get creative with the birthday gifts for the grandmothers. We let the baby paint some terra cotta pots. We used simple washable finger paints (this helped with the washing off part — it all came off the baby and the floors with water) and generic terra cotta pots. After she was done smearing the paint we let it dry and then sprayed the pots with a clear coat of spray paint (far away from the baby) and let them dry. We then planted some inexpensive annuals in them. [At this point in the season you could still go for annuals, which are on sale, or a small evergreen or succulent. — Ed.] The grandmas loved them! And all together the two gifts came out to about $20 total. We also used pictures of her painting the pots as birthday cards.

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