16 August 2006

Efficient bedsheet storage

Donna has potentially straightened out your linen closet (or at least given you a way to do so):

Place matching folded sheets and pillowcases inside one of the pillowcases that go with the set.  Fold the case around the sheets and you have a neat grab-with-one-hand, no-need-to-pull-the-closet-apart-to-make-the-bed solution for keeping the linen closet tidy.

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For kids less likely to go on a fishing expedition there, sticking a set of sheets in a pillowcase under the mattress works too.

It's worked very well for us once I decluttered the linen closet to keep just two sets of sheet for each bed -- one on the bed, one folded -- and got into the habit of stripping the beds for one big load (we have a large-capacity washer) on Monday morning.

Save space in the closet - we have only two sets of sheets for each bed, so the ones not actually on the bed are stored between the mattresses of the bed they go on.

Simple and smart idea, don't you need to have large pillow cases though?


I just had a big Duuuhhhh! moment reading that. I'm going to run to my closet and carry out this hack as soon as I'm finished with this comment.

Going to a king tempurpedic mattress to the floor has done some damage. ;) My flight leaves back to LA tomorrow. A beautiful long vacation almost

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