Cotton gloves help you grip slippery babies in the bath

Candace's tip for slip-proof baby bathing:

Use hand moisturizing soft cotton gloves (the very soft kind that you don after slathering your hands with lotion, not the rough exfoliating kind!) to hold a wet, slippery infant during bath time.  The gloves are soft and absorbent while providing a great no-slip solution to washing baby.  Extra bonus:  They double as very good wash cloths — washing behind little ears and in neck folds with a soft, cloth-covered fingertip is so much easier than fumbling around with anything else.  You can also easily toss them in the washing machine, with one your many laundry loads, to keep them fresh and ready for the next bath.

I even use them to hold my toddler daughter securely to me in the shower for a quick rinse.

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  1. lrh says

    You can also make a glove or mitten out of an old pair of socks. Just cut a hole for your fingers and thumb…or just the thumb. Gives you a good grip, easily washed, and can work as a washcloth too.