Chocolate milk bath

Designer and doula Anne upped the fun quotient for her daughter's bath:

My daughter was dragging her feet about getting in the bathtub, so I told her I had an idea for a special surprise bath. I added about 2/3 cup of powdered milk and a heaping tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa to the water, and told her it was a "chocolate milk bath."

It looked pretty horrifying, but it smelled great. She spent the whole bathtime pretending that she was Augustus Gloop swimming in Willy Wonka's chocolate river! And it all rinsed out of the tub easily and didn't leave any residue on her body. (I did use the handheld shower to wash her hair, though.)

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  1. MamaDuck says

    What a fun idea!! Of course this would only encourage my little guy to drink MORE of the bath water…. ;)

  2. Melanie says

    What a cool idea! I’m going to definitely try this. My son loves a bath with a few drops of food coloring, but this sounds even better. :)