Catherine Newman has a new blog

If you're an admirer of Catherine Newman as I am, you'll be sad to know she's ending her longstanding Babycenter journal, Bringing Up Ben and Birdy. I always felt a special bond with Catherine (as I'm sure thousands of other women do as well) because our children are the same ages, and she articulated my complicated thoughts on motherhood so beautifully/hilariously.

But it's not goodbye! There's always her book, Waiting For Birdy, and among all of her other writing projects, Catherine's also blogging. Thank goodness. I'm always energized by her writing, and I'm thrilled she'll be gracing my list of feeds.

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  1. AmyS says

    She’s also got a weekly journal (Dalai Mama) at WonderTime link to
    I’m so relieved that I can still read her stuff — My daughter is Birdy’s age and I’ve looked forward to her weekly journal for the past 4 years! The lastest entry at wondertime made laugh so hard I cried.

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