Store homework in a bin on top of the fridge


On Blogging Baby the other day, Jenifer Scharpen suggested (or rather, was suggested to by her daughter's kindergarten teacher) that all homework papers and supplies be kept in a lidded plastic bin on top of the refrigerator. That way, when it came homework time, everything would be in one place, ready to go. Seems like […]

Potty training: a personalized photo tutorial

Potty training steps

We've all got our potty training tricks. Kirsten made an illustrated potty-training guide for her son: here's a potty-training hack that i'm using for my son.  i took pictures of him in all the steps of going potty and then made a sequencing chart for him.  the steps: pull down pants pull down underpants sit […]

Parent Hacks admin: More posts per day

In an attempt to make faster progress through my queue of hacks you've submitted, I'm experimenting with increasing my posting frequency. My intention is to keep the frequency low enough that no one (including me) gets overwhelmed, but high enough that you don't have to wait so long to see your hack published. I'd love […]

Chocolate milk bath


Designer and doula Anne upped the fun quotient for her daughter's bath: My daughter was dragging her feet about getting in the bathtub, so I told her I had an idea for a special surprise bath. I added about 2/3 cup of powdered milk and a heaping tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa to the water, and […]

Putting your kid’s cell phone under house arrest


Lisa Birnbach, host of the Lisa Birnbach Show and author of The Official Preppy Handbook (bring ya back to the 80's?), shared this hack during my interview yesterday. Lisa's kids are old enough to have cell phones, which is how they prefer to conduct most of their social planning. Privacy and all. Well, at a […]

Gmail as recipe organizer

Gmail to the rescue again! This time, as Ashley's recipe organizer: I use the Internet to find almost all of my recipes [Fridge Googling! — Ed.] . Now, I email myself the recipes to my Gmail account and I have a quick easy way to organize them. I apply a 'Recipes' label to them to […]

Cotton gloves help you grip slippery babies in the bath

Candace's tip for slip-proof baby bathing: Use hand moisturizing soft cotton gloves (the very soft kind that you don after slathering your hands with lotion, not the rough exfoliating kind!) to hold a wet, slippery infant during bath time.  The gloves are soft and absorbent while providing a great no-slip solution to washing baby.  Extra […]

Dealing with paper clutter: a foolproof system


I don't remember how I came across the LifeClever guys' system for maintaining a tidy desk, (43Folders? Lifehacker?). It's nothing new really, but somehow it felt fresh and encouraging and worthy of passing along. I'm constantly battling paper clutter, what with the daily deluge of mail, school papers, coupons, flyers, order forms, permission slips, […]

Fabric panel as DIY artwork for a kid’s room

Fabric panel art

Rob made some beautiful fabric-panel art for his son's room: Your post about DIY artwork for a kid's room inspired us to do something creative (and easy for us craft-challenged folks) with a cool panel of fabric that we had found recently that tied in so nicely with the jungle animal theme that we're putting […]

Bagel hacking


Duane brings out the big knives for no-mess bagels: This one just dawned on me — I'm surprised I've been doing it wrong for so long.  My two girls will often split a bagel for breakfast (among other things).  Cream cheese for one, jelly for the other.  Neither is really adept at just picking it […]