Swap paperbacks (including children’s books) for free

A while back we suggested Zunafish as a good place for swapping used books, video games, CDs, and DVDs. Christa pointed out that, unlike Zunafish, which charges $1 per transaction, Paperbackswap.com is totally free (books only, though, not other types of media). I checked it out, and the selection is astounding. We've got a ton of books we're looking to unload — I can't wait to give it a try.


  1. Amie says

    We’ve been using PBS for a while and love it. Right now they only do books, but they are beta-testing a CD swap site (I hear they will charge for it though).

  2. mamaloo says

    Paperbook Swap is only available to US residents. US Canadians and readers form around the world are SOL.

    Brilliant idea, though!

  3. Ebumu says

    Try bookcrossing too. It’s for book-swapping, and more. Folks who read my books can anonymously post comments, and I can track where each book’s been (one of the “bookrings” I’m running is one of the top ten traveled books on the site!). It becomes a kind of giant book club, if you want it to. Oh, and it’s free.

  4. Paul says

    Bookcrossing is my choice too. We have a lot of books come our way, and we really enjoy setting them free and watching their progress.

  5. Joel says

    PaperbackSwap is especially good for upgrading your books to your kids’ new reading level. We’ve sent out a lot of board books in exchange for more sophisticated ones.

    Another nice feature is that you can request a book you want that nobody is offering at the moment – and when someone posts the book online, you get first dibs on it.

    Plus, my four-year-olds are really enjoying getting books in the mail.

  6. Tim says

    New site, it’s small (2000 users, 20000 books) but growing: Bookmooch.com

    The site is global– Canada, US, Europe, Asia… doesn’t matter.

    You can swap paperbacks and hardbacks.