Sling + diaper bag = Sidekick

Sidekick sling/diaper bagI've become one of those moms who says, "They never had such cool products when MY kids were babies!" But look at this: sling-meets-diaper bag. They never had such cool products when my kids were babies. [Sidekick, by Parents of Invention, via Babygadget]

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  1. Another Sara says

    Egh. A 5 to 20lb pendulum dangling from the 30lb kiddo’s rear? Thanks! But no thanks.

  2. Donna says

    It looked good at first, but then I realized my upper thigh would bang into that diaper bag every step I took.

  3. Nedra Zeall says

    I think parents carry way to much crap in their diaper bag. This limits you to the essentials: Diapers, wipies, a toy, bottle, change of clothes and one or two other small things like wallet or keys. Everything else can sit in the stroller or car or big bag that you keep in the car anyway.

    I was a New York/New Jersey mom that travel on public transportation sometimes and this would have been much easier for me than the gianormous bag that I was always tempted to fill with way too many things that I never ended up using.

  4. cmcinnyc says

    It is astonishingly ugly. I have all the ugly I can handle with flab and post-partum hair fall.

  5. Heather says

    I think it looks pretty cool. What do folks who actually use it think?

    My diaper bag is a teeny tiny Packit Cube from Eagle Creek (that I keep under the stroller), but it’s not hands-free, which would be a plus.

  6. stacey says

    yeah the pendulum action would be annoying i think. plus if your baby is big and you need to dig something out of your bag, it could prove to be quite difficult. like imagine if that mom’s cellphone rang or she needed a sip of water…

  7. coolmom says

    I have this bag and I think it’s great. It’s wonderful to have a carrier whenever I need it, because it’s always there — I always have my diaper bag with me. If I have the bag packed full, it can seem a little heavy (my baby is almost 30 lbs. now), but I don’t usually carry very much and I don’t usually use it for long jaunts. I think it is really cool-looking. I love the shape and I love the pockets. I don’t have problems reaching anything, especially the cell phone. It is so cool!!!

  8. Sheila says

    I purchased one of these bags thinking “what a great idea”. Just to be extremely disappointed in it’s manufacturing. I truly wonder if the Parents of Invention had an actual parent test this thing out before placing it on the market for hopeful yet unsuspecting parents to waste $80.00 on. The zippers stick, and the most important zipper would come unzipped and actually broke just a couple of weeks after I bought the bag. There is some velcro that is applied backwards and scratches your arm when you use this as a carrier. I do not carry much in my diaper bag and although the weight was not a problem for me, I did find that the snap does not stay snapped. My husband refuses to carry this bag when he takes our son out and prefers the free diaper bag that the hospital gave us. Overall, if you need a hip sling, get a hip sling and put it in your favorite diaper bag.

  9. Laine says

    As the manufacturer, I wanted to weigh in. I appreciate all of the feedback we get from our products and can assure you that the product was tested. However, having a live market test has brought up a few things that we are changing about the design of the bag for the next run. Thank You everyone for your support and comments! We are looking forward to the second run of Sidekicks any day now and so that you know, all of the comments from blogs and reviews has helped me to bring a better product to market.