Put zip-up PJs on backwards to prevent diaper exploration

Betty suggests a little pajama-fu to keep the diapers closed at bedtime:

My children, when they were toddlers, loved to strip naked during the night.  One night this involved opening their poopy diapers…to my HORROR!!  So, I put their zipper/footie pajamas on BACKWARDS…problem solved!!

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  1. daddy david says

    I’m sorry, backwards?
    what happens to their feet?
    do you mean inside out?


  2. Jill says

    try a safety pin thru the top of the jammies just under the zipper so it won’t come down

  3. Elaine says

    I’ve had this problem with my girls for months… so I just have them wear one-sies every night. (The snaps are pretty hard to un-do). And if it’s too warm, they wear only the one-sies.

  4. Deborah says

    When my daughter started unzipping her one-piece pajamas, I switched to two-piece, long sleeved pajamas (no footies). I like the ones from babyGap. Luckily she didn’t try to strip those off.

  5. Lea says

    Baby A (26 mos) has been stripping and de-diapering, too, especially since we were forced to switch to a toddler bed. It was her way to get us back in there without her getting out of bed. (“This’ll get ‘em!”)

    So she’s back in onesies, too. She’s 36 inches tall, so we’re having to stretch a bit to do the snaps. But, she sure can’t get them open–at least, not yet. And she’s doing a bit better with the going to bed thing.

    When we switch to winter jammies, we’ll have to try the backwards trick. I have some fleecy zip-ups in 3T.

    – L

  6. mary says

    Lol, I’ve just been blogging about this! As my one friend told me,

    “When my daugheter was even younger than yours, she was like some sort of Houdini – she could get out of just about anything, especially her diapers.”

    I’ve found that some duct tape over the adhesive closures, along with a pair of underwear over the diaper worked for us. But, for the little houdini’s out there, I have heard that the backwards onesies do the trick.

  7. Claudia says

    My little one is amazing…she can get out of almost anything!!!! But the bacwards zip up trick works the best so far!!!!!
    The link below is awsome… http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=6470&pid=436507&scid=436507012

    These are footless zip up pajamas you can put on backwards and not have to worry about twisting the PJ leg around to fit the feet or having to ct the feet out. The backwards thing really works! They are thin so you can put one over your child’s footed PJ’s in winter or use alone in spring and summer!

    I tried the duct tape over the tabs but she just pulled the diaper off like underwear! The pin thing works too, but I always worry she will get ahold of it and poke herself one day!

    Good luck to those with this problem…it can be messy!!!!!! EEEEEK!!!!!!!

  8. Janice Clay says

    Well the ones with feet this would be impossible with. However even without, the neckline is going to be too high on baby’s neck, and the zipper will hurt when slept on. :(

  9. Connie says

    Oh boy, the terrors I’ve had w/ keeping my little Elly’s diaper on! She has a sister, Carly, 17 mn older and who had just began potty training, as well as, just getting a new little sister 3 mn prior to the beginning of this behavior. To Elly, it just didn’t seem fair that her sis gets to determine when her diaper came off. At about 18-19 mn old(now 24 mn), she began what has become an on-going nightmare.

    This girl couldn’t be put safely into anything! Turtlenecks paired w/ overall, onesie, footed jammies were all slithered out of quickly followed by her diaper. (she’d pull down her shirts and crawl out through the NECK of tight turtlenecks)

    It’s worse than having a puppy…nothing feels better than peeing whereever you’d like and not having to sit in it afterward! There were…and still are…lots of surprise wet spots around the house to clean up.

    I finally cut off the feet of two old footed-jammies and turned them backward, and even that she’s tug on enough to stretch the neckline and unzip it, so I had to safety pin the back. She went EVERYWHERE in them, including church (lots of stares and inquiries!)

    Now, b/c of the obvious warmer summer temps, that doesn’t work. I’ve resorted to the tape method, too. It’s a pain when she fights me; we can go through A LOT of useless tape when she feels like struggling w/ me. I have to tape it pretty tight or else she’ll pull them down her legs.

    From the beginning, I’ve questioned if I should start potty training her, too. But, besides not wanting to be in soiled diapers, she doesn’t meet most of the ‘readiness ques’ She’s seldom ever dry for more than 1-2 hrs, she dispises the big & little toilets, doesn’t care about the incentives. Two docs say there’s nothing medical, “it’s just a phase” and “a power trip”

    But, to any other mother who has this problem (hopefully for your sake you don’t have three kids 3 & under…stressful enough by itself w/ all their typical issues) try the cut-off jammies & ignore the glances!

  10. sam says

    i have tried it all. my 22mn son will not keep his clothes on at all. i am running out of sheets. the duct tape, the 2 piece pjs, the backwords jams, and the onesies. i don’t know how he does it but he gets out of everything. i don’t know what to do anymore.