Playing card helper lets kids keep their poker hands hidden

Playing card holderMelissa's smokin'! Not only did she submit the clever Pez camera attachment hack (which got us Boing Boinged, thank you very much, David), she now has photographic evidence of her brilliance. Behold: two lids and a paper fastener combine to create a playing card holder that helps kids keep the cards appropriately fanned.

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  1. Mikko says

    These are also commercially available. I’ve seen advertising in German card games, so I’m not sure if they’re available in States, but definitely in Germany.

  2. marjorie says

    brilliant! very alton brown, if alton brown was into kids’ games instead of immersion blending.

  3. sarah says

    we did something similar a couple of years ago with two of those junk cd’s and some elastic threaded through buttons on either side. the kids loved it, and as they got older we even got clever about trying to use the reflections off the cd’s to spy on others’ cards. ;)

  4. flynn says

    My parents did this for me many years ago when I was a child. I remember “graduating” to hands-only. It’s a great technique!