Photographing flying babies

Flying baby!
Stephanie Simpson, author of the I Speak Film blog at Digital Photography Blogs, documented a fantastic technique for taking pix of flying babies.

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  1. none says

    I think this is really dangerous advice. Babies should not be thrown in the air for the sake of cute photos. It’s easy to jar their heads/necks at that age, and there’s the chance that the catcher might miss.

  2. Moira says

    Oh, boy. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that anyone who reads ParentHacks will be capable of deciding whether their child is old enough to be thrown two feet in the air, and if they’ll be able to catch them on the way down. Most people don’t endanger their children in the pursuit of a cute photo, anon.

  3. none says

    Well, Moira; that’s a nice thought…but I see parents doing stupid things with their kids all the time.

  4. louis says

    A good friend is a police officer who investingated the case of an infant who had multiple rib fractures. It turns out the father regularly played this way with the baby. Well intentioned but dangerous even when caught.

  5. none says

    I recently read in a pamphlet handed out by the Department of Health in London, UK, where I was attending the birth of my new baby grandson – *smiles*, but I digress…the practice of throwing your baby and catching is documented as a cause of shaken baby syndrome.
    Great blog btw!

  6. Mami Delux says

    I thought you were not supposed to toss your baby up in the air… yes they are fun looking photos but I feel like spanking their parents..!!