Parenting bag o’ tricks essential: Origami

Luke is a prepared dad! Read on:

Whilst I haven't had a chance to use this yet I'm sharing it anyway. Our daughter is 3 months old and when we discovered we were going to have a child I decided I needed a few "daddy" skills. After some pondering I realized learning some origami would help; there is always some paper about and if I could distract a boisterous toddler for a short while whilst out and about it would be worth it. So I set about learning a few hats, birds and boxes (and also an origami waterbomb!). When I'm at work or with friends and they see me practising, I mention I'm learning origami as a way of subduing a small child. More often than not, they tell me that they too know a few simple folds, and it does indeed work.

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  1. Jill says

    I have fond memories of my dad folding a scrap of paper found on a restaurant table and presenting me with a little box.

    Never overlook the simple tho- scrunch the straw wrapers up tight before sliding them off the straw. Then put a drop or two of liquid on it and watch it become a caterpillar! (A one time per straw trick)

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