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FM, the company that serves up our graphical ads, represents quite an illustrious pool of parenting bloggers. As such, I was rather excited when they told me about their plan for a parenting "metaweblog." The metablog would give a quick glimpse of what's happening on the blogs in FM's parenting federation with excerpts of the week's best posts. I was even MORE excited when they asked me to edit the thing.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…

So now, in addition to my duties here at Parent Hacks, I'll also be flexing my formidable editorial muscles on the FM Parenting metablog. (More accurately, I'll be excerpting posts from blogs whose feeds I already read. Sweet.) Here's the roster, with more blogs on the way:

I'm honored to be part of (and now working with writing produced by) such a talented group — I've admired several of these blogs since before Parent Hacks was a twinkle in TypePad's servers.

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  1. Marlo says

    Congrats! I see some other good blogs from that roster. It looks like I need to add more RSS feeds to my Bloglines!