Crafty coverall bib catches drips all the way down

Coverall bib

I spent much of my son's baby- and toddlerhood looking for a bib that would actually keep him marginally splatter-free. I finally settled on the armor-like Baby Bjorn molded bib, which did a great job most of the time, but on a hot day, I felt sorry for my little, sweating child trapped in his […]

Writer seeks your “outings with kids” tips

I'm not the only person who thinks you're smart. Barbara Aria, a writer for a national women's monthly, would love to hear your tips. Here's what she's looking for: I'm writing an article for a women's magazine about how to take young children and toddlers on grown-up outings – for example, to a restaurant, a […]

Playing card helper lets kids keep their poker hands hidden

Playing card holder

Melissa's smokin'! Not only did she submit the clever Pez camera attachment hack (which got us Boing Boinged, thank you very much, David), she now has photographic evidence of her brilliance. Behold: two lids and a paper fastener combine to create a playing card holder that helps kids keep the cards appropriately fanned. Tags: Card […]

Amazon kid’s DVD sale

If your kids are anything like mine, despite firm encouragement to the contrary, they are mesmerized into a stupor by Barney, The Wiggles, Bob the Builder, and/or Thomas the Tank Engine. Yes? Yes. Well. Amazon's having an up-to-50%-off kid's DVD sale in which these characters figure prominently. Just so you know. Tags: Amazon

The Zero Boss is back

Jay Allen, daddy blogger extraordinaire, has relaunched his blog, The Zero Boss, and is posting an online version of his unpublished book on fatherhood. Many wonderful parenting bloggers credit Jay's original posts as the inspiration behind their own blogs, and I can see why. His writing is powerful, funny, brave, and, at times, sharp to […]