Noodad’s Easy Mac hack

Gregory of Noodad has written up an excellent hack for cooling down molten lava, I mean, Easy Mac, when it comes out of the microwave oven.

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  1. appleturnover says


    when we make hot food and need to eat it sooner than little hungry people can wait for a comfortable temperature, sometimes we’ll cool it down by stirring in frozen vegetables at the end. frozen peas are great, but a mango or banana we’d sliced up and frozen can do surprisingly yummy things to several dishes.

    at restaurants we sometimes slip a little ice from our water into hot soups.


  2. Karen says

    Here’s a cooler-downer I recently thought of: When the Spaghettios are too hot, stir in a spoonful of cold plain yogurt. If you like chicken tikka masala, you’ll like the tomato-dairy combination, and personally I get a kick out of the irony of mixing organic yogurt with, yes, Spaghettios. Also–I think this may be in another comments list somewhere here–frozen peas can be thrown into just about anything to cool it off. I’ve used them for Spaghettios (We really don’t eat them all *that* often….) and also for soup.