Moxie on socks

Moxie, of my beloved Ask Moxie, on managing the sock insanity:

Buy all the socks in one size in the same color, and then switch to a different color for the next few sizes. For example, buy 0-6 months in white, then 6-12 months in grey, then 12-18 months in navy, 18-24 months in red, etc. That way you can tell by looking which size a sock is, and you'll always have matching pairs.

To go along with the sock tip, here's a great Ask Moxie post on toddler shoes.

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  1. Gene R says

    How about when the kid grows out of once size, you get rid of them. (i.e. pass them down to someone who could use them) then replace them with the correct size in an array of colors. I don’t know about you, but I as an adult enjoy mixing it up a bit. Black socks one day, blue with gray stripes the next. What kid do you know that enjoys wearing gray socks everyday until he/she’s two?

    I enjoy the tips on these pages for the most part, but come on, some of them are simply the result of pure laziness.

  2. Steven Jarvis says

    I’m a big fan of the Old Navy socks for babies and toddlers (and I assume bigger kids, but mine’s only 3.35 years old). The bottom of the feet are labeled in big white letters what size they are (and the Old Navy logo, natch). In addition to being extra legible, the lettering is also rubbery to help provide the little ones with some much-needed traction. I think they’re about the only socks my kid has ever worn. Available in a wide variety of colors, too.

  3. Heather says

    Ahh socks, I am a huge huge fan of the Trumpette socks for the under-one set. They never fall off and they come in a great array of matching or coordinating colors. So, if Holden has to wear his orange stripes with his orange stars… so be it!

    They’re a little pricey, but if you get an egg carton, it’s a great deal overall.

  4. Jill says

    The socks here are all white for my boys. I alternate brands- Old Navy one size, then the Children’s Place next, both with the rubber tread on the bottom. I tried cheaper socks from Target and they didn’t make it thru the school year, whereas the more pricey ones made it thru wearings by both boys. Having two brands helps with the sorting.