MetroDad on teaching manners

This, from one of the most well-spoken dads I know ("know" in a blogging sense, that is). Read the comments on MetroDad's post for good advice.

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  1. evo! says

    Ah, be forewarned, if we’re going by movie ratings…

    parenthacks vs. metrodad

    parenthacks (rated g)
    metrodad (rated r)

    get ready for the f-bombs people.

    This question isn’t if you can handle it; it’s if you want to.

    yours fans at

  2. nori hadley says

    Thanks for bringing this up. One of my BIGGEST peeves is the lack of manners in both adults AND children. It is NEVER too young to start teaching manners.

  3. Sandy says

    Do you really believe kids and adults actually mean ‘please’ ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ anymore? I think kids are being forced to use the words so often that they are being desensitized to the actual meaning of the words. When I say it, I MEAN it – everytime. For my 2 yr old, after 2 months of introducing the words to him and making sure he understood the context, I do not often force/prompt him to say them – but he will use it when he wants something (esp when I say ‘no’) and he will say ‘thank you’ and smile or give a hug most often. And when he is prompted to say ‘sorry’ he actually does look sorry. Granted – he does not use them as often as other kids his age.

    On the other hand, when my 15 yr old brother-in-law uses ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’, he does not mean it. Not really. When I talked to my husband about it, he said, “well, he is just saying it to be polite to you.” And my husband does it socially as well. I find it strange as I was not raised in the US – but learned that manners and polite words actually have to be felt and expressed. Not just expressed – that is probably just as rude.

    MetroDad’s story fo a 5-yr old – now that is polite and heartfelt IMO, and would love for my son to grow up that way too.