Let Joe help you track your goals: Joesgoals.com

Ian (aka "Joe") passed along a tip about his new goal-tracking app, Joesgoals.com. I was immediately interested, as goalsetting has never been my strong suit. Since my kids arrived, my attention span has shortened to the length of a flea-sneeze.

Joe's Goals is a goal tracking application that lets you set up daily goals (such as working out, bringing lunch, taking the bus, etc) and track them in a simple grid interface. Click the corresponding box to mark a goal complete. You can add multiple checks (example: # of bottles of water drunk per day), share goals with friends, and even track vices. It is still in beta but as already grown to nearly 4000 users. I'm still adding features every day.

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  1. Whitney says

    After hearing an amazing 16-year old girl today tell us that her parents taught her to set goals and achieve them on her own, I’m starting to think that being goal-oriented is looking pretty good! Can I help my 1-year olds set goals? (Sleep past 7 am?)

  2. Liz says

    With kids having a fascination with the internet and computers these days, I can see this being a productive tool for building goals. Think of the popularity of My Space with kids! Unfiortunately my son is yet too young to make use of it. I doubt my attempts to use it will work for long.