Inflatable baby pool as infant play area

Melanie has a good use for blow-up baby pools:

When the inflatable pools go on clearance later this summer, they’re great to pick up for an extra play area for infants – especially those not walking yet. I purchased a large fire-truck inflatable pool when my oldest was an infant for about $5 and we used it as a play area inside & out until he was over a year old. The sides are soft, they’re easily transportable, and store in a small space when not in use. Also great to use as a travel bed!

[You can probably pick up baby pools at the dollar store. Also, I couldn't find a fire truck pool Melanie was talking about, but check out this pirate ship, complete with squirt gun! (It's a pool floatie, but could be used as a wading pool.) Too bad they don't make a grown-up version. — Ed.]

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  1. Charles Brannon says

    Just be careful when using something like this with infants. The slick vinyl could pose a potential suffocation hazard–ESPECIALLY IF THE INFLATABLE DEVICE IS ACCIDENTALLY PUNCTURED AND COLLAPSES.

    I would be reluctant to use an inflatable toy as a bed for a young child since there would be no way to provide supervision.

    Likewise never rely on any kind of flotation device in the water–always remain close enough to your child to render assistance if needed.

  2. MacLifer says

    I agree about the suffocation hazard – that was the first thing I thought of, as the father of a 5-month old (and an 8 y/o and 13 y/o – i’ve been thru the “wringer” of daddyhood a few times already… ha ha). The ball pit idea is fabulous! Talk about a great way to have a LOT of fun even with the big sisters playing peek-a-boo and tossing balls around.