DIY babyproofing

Nick posted pictures of his various homemade babyproofing hacks — including one absolute failure. (Those darn kids.)

More childproofing/babyproofing hacks:

Tennis balls babyproof sharp table corners
Hairbands as lightweight cabinet locks
Low-tech babyproofing: Keeping doors shut

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  1. Joel says

    My absolute favorite low-tech babyproofing device was more of a mind game: until my twins turned 3, we never turned the TV on with the big power button on the front. We used the remote, which we then put out of reach. And my kids never realized that they could turn on the TV themselves. A visiting toddler once tried it, but luckily ours didn’t catch on.

    This might not work with some kids who are diligent about getting into everything, but it worked like a charm with mine.

  2. Nick says

    My kids first word for remote is “DA” because it is the thing I (daddy)always have in my hand.
    The TV button doesn’t work for the kids as we use a satellite box and a receiver for the sound so all three need to be functioning.

    My oldest pretty much figured out how to watch video tapes and DVD’s once he was able to open up the entretainment center door.

    Then again our “tv” (really our multimedia entertainment unit) is always on, at least tuned to Sirius radio.