Diaper pail management

Here's how Sara's friends conserve diaper pail real estate:

If you find yourself emptying the diaper pail much more often than you'd like, some friends had a strategy I thought was a good idea. Dirty diapers go into the diaper pail. Wet diapers, which don't smell nearly as much, go into a trashcan. When you empty the diaper pail you'll have to empty the trash as well, but it should not be nearly as often.

Honestly, I think diaper pails are a waste of space, money, and fresh air. We could never keep ours clean enough…after a while the stench made us relegate it to the back deck, and, at that point, we found it just as easy to collect the day's diapers in a plastic bag at the back door and then knot and throw the bag into the outside trash can every evening.

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  1. cmcinnyc says

    What’s wrong with just emptying it every day? That’s what we do, and I don’t think we could stand it otherwise. I don’t understand the trashcan/diaperpail strategy here. It’s not THAT burdensome to empty the pail. If you use a liner it doesn’t get that dirty, and I’ve yet to have trashcan of any sort that couldn’t be freshened up with a baking soda scrub. (But if I had a back deck, yeah, that would be a great place for it!)

  2. Scott says

    I have to agree- We’ve been putting the smelly diapers on the porch from about six months on. No need for the diaper pail. It ends up smelling worse than the diapers anyway.

  3. Nick says

    pee diapers in a garbage can w/ liner next to the changing table, poop diaper get put in a grocery plastic bag and into a galvanized can on the front porch. The pee diaper thing is for ease and speed…you sometimes don’t have the luxury of a 30 second round trip to the front door…
    The pee-basket does get funky after about a month (even with a liner), and then it gets some baking soda in the bottom…

  4. Dawn says

    We to have just “dumped” our pail. It smells worse than the diapers themselves and no amount of lysol, hot water… made a difference!

  5. Paul says

    We’ve never completely given up on the diaper pail, especially when the second one came a few months back, but we bounced around to a few different models. My wife runs a home daycare and, with daily emptying, we don’t run into problems. We use a Diaper Champ. Nothing else seems to have worked for us, and drawstring garbage bags (Sam’s Choice) are pretty cheap.

  6. Cheryl says

    Don’t know why anyone would bother with a separate pail if they’re using sposies….

  7. Uly says

    I just dump the poo in the toilet and take the garbage out daily. It takes all of five seconds, and the vast majority of the scent goes directly to the proper waste disposal facilities.

  8. foodmomiac says

    With our first, we had a Diaper Genie and it was disgustingly stinky. We got the Neat! Diaper pail for our second, and I love it. It honestly doesn’t smell unless opened.

  9. appleturnover says

    for those who cloth diaper, we really liked a special ceramic-looking disc that absorbed the smell quite effectively. obviously, we needed the diaper pail! but we don’t usually soak wet dipes. vinegar and baking soda have also worked for us. practicing diaperfree helps! http://tinyurl.com/jp95v


  10. Sandy says

    We stuck the top of a sandwich bag to the inner side of the lid of a trash can and filled it with some baking soda. That way when we opened the lid, the bag would just flatten against the lid (no spills), and when we closed it, the bag would open slightly and absorb the odor. This worked better than just placing a box of the baking soda at the bottom of the can/trash bag.

  11. Windy says

    we were putting it on the back porch because raccoons like our curbside trash. The back porch is somewhat enclosed, and on hot days…the smell!! It was terrible to open that door, the hot cooked stink wafting in..ugh! works ok in winter..

  12. Serene and Not Herd says

    We inhereted a diaper genie, then found a $2 one with a better cutter at a yard sale.

    As long as we keep the lid down, and the plastic twisted after each diaper, I’ve never had a problem with smells. Once dumped into the big garbage can however, the garbage can MUST leave the garage, and go outside.

    With a second baby on the way, I think having a diaper genie per kid will be fortuitous.

  13. erika says

    We use a Diaper Champ and it definitely gets smelly after a while. I’ve tried Lysol and baking soda with no luck. The only thing I’ve found that will completely remove the odor is to soak the can in bleach and hot water. Rinse it once after soaking and it’s good as new.

  14. Bev Stephenson says

    Can you get diaper sacks? They are very common here in the UK, They are small scented bags that you put the smelly diaper in and then tie closed. They smell like baby powder. Only the very stinkiest of diapers can be smelled once it’s placed into a ‘nappy sack’. Then i just put them in my regular bin which is emptied quite frequently anyway.

  15. Kate's Mom says

    We use the Diaper Genie II, and we’ve been very happy. We can fill it all the way to the top with dirty diapers and it doesn’t get stinky. The only drawback is that you have to purchase the special liners that go with it – $6. But for us, that’s not a big deal.

  16. Erika's mommy says

    I’m with Kate’s Mom on the Diaper Genie II. It does a great job for us. I just try to stock up on the liners when I find a sale. But the extra cost is SOOOOO worth it! Just make sure when you push the diapers thru the hole that your liner hasn’t run out. Only happened once but, WOW, when I opened the container I had a very non so nice surprise. :-)

  17. mary backstayge says

    The long, narrow plastic bag that your daily newspaper comes in is great for storing stinko diapers. At the end of the day, you’ve got a little row of diapers; close off the bag and take it to the trash.

  18. El says

    Definitely, Diaper Genie II. A year on, I’ve never had a problem with smell. I don’t understand dumping out diapers into the toilet–so, you hold onto the full diaper, rediaper/dress your kid, take the kid off the changing pad, walk over into the bathroom, shake out the diaper (assuming it’s not smushed, which ours always is), walk back into the bedroom, put the diaper in the pail, and then wash your hands? My kid would be three states away by then. Maybe this works if you change diapers in the bathroom already? Anyway, the liner cost for the DGII is completely worth it.

  19. Laree says

    I’ve never used a diaper pail for myself (my in-laws bought one for us to use at thier house.) All diapers go in the kitchen trash can. The just wet ones we just toss in, and the messy ones go in a grocery sack first, that we tie closed. The trash gets taken out often enough that we’ve never had a problem with the smell. And it’s way cheaper (and easier in my mind) that that diaper genii my in – laws have!

  20. Cathy says

    We use the Diaper Dekor since it was recommended on Consumer Reports. We LOVE it! Truly hands-free and it only smells when ur tossing a diaper away, if even then.

  21. Michelle says

    Bah. I can’t think of a bigger waste of money than a diaper pail. We ended up with 2 — inherited a (never used) Diaper Genie and then a Diaper Champ. We couldn’t get the Genie to work and the Champ always got stuck. Feh. We did away with the disposable diaper pail by the time she was 4 weeks old. Just toss them in the trash!

  22. Candy says

    If you’re still using plastic grocery sacks, which I am for this specific task, use those in the diaper champ versus tall trash bags. You wind up emptying the bin about every other to every three days. Because the bags are shallow, there’s room to store a ton of them in the can itself, just wipe down the inside with a Clorox bleach wipe every time you change it, and it’s good as new.