Crafty coverall bib catches drips all the way down

Coverall bibI spent much of my son's baby- and toddlerhood looking for a bib that would actually keep him marginally splatter-free. I finally settled on the armor-like Baby Bjorn molded bib, which did a great job most of the time, but on a hot day, I felt sorry for my little, sweating child trapped in his booster seat behind a shield of plastic.

I just came across this adorable handmade coverall bib at Cool Mom Picks. Notice the leg coverings? Genius! Even better, CMP is giving a bib to one lucky winner who emails them by 10pm tonight. Get in the running!

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  1. J says

    I’m a big fan of the Dura-Bib by Dex Products. It’s soft, has a big pocket to catch food, and the front is vinyl, so it’s easy to wipe clean. The snaps open so the whole bib is flat for cleaning. It can also be washed in the washing machine or dishwasher. Wal-Mart has the best price, but I’ve also seen them at specialty baby stores.

  2. Charlotte says

    I’ve made my own toddler version bib. I bought some flat nylon webbing (like you’d use for a belt or totebag straps) and some suspender clips and some velcro tape at the fabric store. Thread the suspender clips onto the webbing strap. Fold over each end of the strap and secure with velcro. You now have a strap with clips on each end and is fully adjustable for length via the velcro closures.

    I use that strap to clip a dish towel around toddler’s neck long-ways. I made a second longer strap to clip around her waist to make sort of an apron. When she sits it covers her lap and catches spills and crumbs. The waist strap keeps her from flinging it over her head and playing peekaboo. I take it off her before she stands up and fold all the crumbs into the towel, take it to the trash and shake it all out.

    Works great for messy crafts too.

  3. Robyn says

    Never mind the bibs — in summer, it’s a lot easier just to strip babies down. Let them in eat wearing just a diaper, then wipe them off and dress them again after the meal. This assumes you have a kid that doesn’t fight the dressing/undressing process much though!