27 July 2006

Cool down hot pasta with cold pasta sauce

Along the lines of Noodad's Easy Mac hack (and appleturnover's frozen vegetable comment), I often cool freshly-boiled pasta by mixing it with cold pasta sauce (generally stuff leftover in the fridge from a previous meal). Homemade or bottled sauce is fine.

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careful with this tip - you'll want to make sure the pasta sauce is pretty fresh otherwise you're running a small risk of food-borne yucky things if you don't heat the sauce into the 'safe' zone before you eat it.

Any dish that comes out too hot for my wee fella I just set in the freezer for about 2 minuts, mix it up and set it in front of him.

Chills the food quickly and since the fridge is already there, is quite handy.


that's a good one!

well, this reminded me of one more. i do this with pasta, or with grains like quinoa. cut up fresh greens or broccoli, something very fast-cooking, and toss it in right at the end. the heat from the noodley/grainy thing cooks the greens, and then it is all a decent temperature...or could be reduced to child-friendliness with some grated cheese. yum!


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