Boppy lets nursing moms go hands-free after babies fall asleep

Boppy pillow

Here's how Elaine keeps from getting trapped on the couch under a post-nursing snoozer:

My 5 month-old daughter loves to fall asleep in my arms or lap, especially after breastfeeding. The only problem is, she wakes up and cries the instant I try to put her down. I was getting so frustrated because I was trapped on the couch, unable to get anything done at my computer desk. My temporary solution is to remove the armrests from my computer chair so that I can sit comfortably with a Boppy pillow around my waist. Once my little one is asleep, both of my arms are free to type, read, make phone calls, eat, etc.

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  1. Pamela says

    I did that too, except I left the arms on the chair and wedged in the Boppy around me to help keep it in place.

  2. Laura says

    I have the Brest Friend and don’t really like it (it’s very hard), but I’m going to try it again with this hack. Thanks so much!

  3. Nathan says

    We also found that the Boppy hugged our daughter so would be willing to sleep in it on a soft couch. She didn’t notice that she was not in our arms anymore and slept. The sleep was not as long as when we held her, but still gave us some freedom around the house.