Create a LEGO mosaic of your child’s photo

John (originator of the Parent Hacks sum-up: "Lifehacker for those who no longer have lives") passed along his truly amazing how-to on creating a LEGO mosaic of your child's photo without the assistance of LEGO's now-defunct online tool. You must click over to check out his photos. Incredible. Tags: Lego, Parenting, Photography

Extend the shelf-life of blocks of cheese

Jennifer got this from a grandma in the grocery store — they are an excellent source of hacks! As our kids got older, we started buying the economy-sized cheese blocks.  One day, a grandmother shopping with her grandkids gave me this hack:  take the cheese out of the plastic, and wrap it tightly in aluminum […]

Let Joe help you track your goals:

Ian (aka "Joe") passed along a tip about his new goal-tracking app, I was immediately interested, as goalsetting has never been my strong suit. Since my kids arrived, my attention span has shortened to the length of a flea-sneeze. Joe's Goals is a goal tracking application that lets you set up daily goals (such […]

Talk amongst yourselves: Introducing your kid to the books you loved as a child…which books?


From Margaret: There are a lot of great books written for kids now, especially fiction series, but what are the books you loved as a child that you are looking forward to introducing your child to? Since my daughter is now in the wanting-to-read-big-kids'-books phase, my reliving-my-childhood-series includes Betsy-Tacy by Maud Hart Lovelace, The Great […]

Consider Netflix for kid’s shows

Loraine left this comment on the post about the Amazon kid's DVD sale, but it was so hack-worthy I thought a promotion to the front page was in order. I don't buy kid's DVDs – instead, I subscribe to Netflix and devote one movie slot to my daughter. I can keep the movies as long […]

Parent Hacks admin: The FM Parenting metablog

FM, the company that serves up our graphical ads, represents quite an illustrious pool of parenting bloggers. As such, I was rather excited when they told me about their plan for a parenting "metaweblog." The metablog would give a quick glimpse of what's happening on the blogs in FM's parenting federation with excerpts of the […]

Inflatable baby pool as infant play area


Melanie has a good use for blow-up baby pools: When the inflatable pools go on clearance later this summer, they’re great to pick up for an extra play area for infants – especially those not walking yet. I purchased a large fire-truck inflatable pool when my oldest was an infant for about $5 and we […]