Ziploc Big Bags good for seasonal clothing storage

Kirsten passed along yet another good use for Ziplocs:

A great new product for storing outgrown or off season kids’ clothes: Ziploc big bags. All the convenience and quality of a Ziploc bag, but big! You can write on them with a Sharpie and the best thing is (unlike the garbage bags I used to use for storing clothes), I can see into them so I know what’s in there! Great invention.


  1. says

    They’re not a bad product, but the ziploc “big” bags are always a little smaller than you need, I have found. I actually prefer clear drawstring “recycling” bags for storing blankets etc., but I haven’t been able to find those in years.

  2. says

    We haven’t used them for big, bulky items like blankets, but we’ve found that they’re HUGE when storing baby clothes, especially if you roll rather than fold the clothes. Much easier to handle and much more space-efficient than plastic bins, too.

  3. phil says

    I’ve always used this method to pack efficiently for my travels. I throw in a couple of dryer sheets (or small scented sachets) to keep the clothes smelling nice when you reopen later.