Tips for late-night hotel arrivals with kids

Kieran came by these two bits of wisdom during a road trip down the East Coast:

1. If you’re pulling into a hotel late at night, call ahead and request that the crib be set up in advance.

2. Request a room as close to your car as possible and as far away from bright lights as possible. The first night we had to take two sleeping kids trough a brightly-lit lobby, into an elevator then down a long hallway.  They didn’t stay asleep for long, and getting them back to sleep in a strange hotel room was a nightmare.  The next two nights, we got a room only a few feet from the entrance on the ground floor.  45 seconds, key in hand, and we’re back in the dark and putting the kids in bed.

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  1. Audi says

    Yes while that does make sence when making the reservation you should ask for the request then. I work in a hotel and the nights we are sold out it is hard to meet these requests when they aren’t already on your reservation. Also to meet your request call in the morning of your arrival to be sure the hotel puts you on the ground floor near and entrance. Though I do agree that calling about a half an hour out to make sure the crib is setup in the room is an excelent idea.