Snacksby: Fridge googling, only prettier

Snacksby lets you input ingredients you have onhand and then spits out an appropriate recipe, not unlike fridge googling. Should be a great service, as long as users bootstrap it by contributing recipes. A Lifehacker commenter said as much, only not as gently:

"Great idea but completely worthless at the moment given that they currently have less than a dozen recipes in there and are relying on users to fill the database."

Soma (the guy behind Snacksby) put the comment at the top of the Snacksby home page and added "we've got more than 12, but he's damn right." Give the man points for chutzpah, and go add your favorite recipe! I just added mine.



  1. Jill says

    You might want to wait until he works out some of the kinks. I had a terrible time trying to add a recipe and then was completely unable to find my way back in to make a correction. The idea is great, but he’s got his work cut out for him!

  2. markowe says

    This site doesn’t really seem to work – maybe still a lack of recipes? I have done my own take on the idea, my search just includes other, already very rich sites, thus you always get results.

    Try a bit of fridge-googling yourself: