Simple birthday party theme for young ‘uns

I'm allergic to overly elaborate birthday parties. So I love Sara's idea:

I didn't want to go overboard for J.'s first birthday, but I did want to make it special, so I decided on a very simple theme: Red. (Her favorite color.) We all wore red, ate strawberry shortcake off of red placemats, and played with 3 red balloons. Very cheap. Very easy. I think a simple approach like this might be an easy idea other people could adopt, at least before the kid gets strong opinions about Dora or Barney or the Wiggles…

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  1. Christy says

    There was a good Martha Stewart Kids issue not to long back that had a bunch of simple party decor ideas like this. They had one for color, one for season, and one that was just polka dots or something.

    It is a good idea, and tons cheaper than having to get all the coordinating character stuff, which I hate anyhow.

  2. Deborah says

    We just celebrated our daughter Audrey’s first birthday, and the theme of the party was “Audrey’s favorite things.” We decorated with balloons and curly straws; served bananas, watermelon, goldfish crackers, etc; and had legos, balls and bubbles to play with. The party really suited her and everyone had fun.