Shelf-stable milk boxes are ideal for taking along

Lil' MilkReluctant Housewife was the talk of the playgroup:

When I pulled out one of the Farmland Lil' Milk boxes at playgroup the moms went crazy (What? You don't have to keep them refrigerated? It's been in your diaper bag for – how long?).  Honestly, I thought everybody knew about these (they have them at the supermaket next to the powdered milk). No more wet diaper bag!  No missed snacks! Anything that gets me out of the house quickly is a winner for me.

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  1. Anne says

    Horizon also makes organic ones, in regular, chocolate, strawberry, and orange cream. They’re by the soy milk in my local store.

  2. Jill says

    I keep a pack in the house for our “oops, forgot to pick up milk” days, and they’re great for cartrips. However, do keep an eye on the expiration date if you don’t use them often.

  3. Serrina says

    Last year in Mexico, I must have asked 5 different employees at the grocery store for the “cold” milk. All were confused, sending me to the aisle with boxed milk. I was horrified at first, but discovered it’s actually really good. Didn’t know we had it here! :)

  4. nancy hanson says

    I just started using the shelf milk and it is wonderful, to me it has a richer taste than refridgerated milk. I will continue to use this and hope I see more varieties come out.